Grocery Store Business Loans

Grocery Store Business Loan

The grocery retail market is a $743 billion dollar industry and growing as online sales is growing 19.5% year over year.  But it’s also a high cost, low margin industry.

Most store owner will require grocery store financing at some point.  This is where Small Business Funding can help.  We specialize in getting you the funding needed for large volume inventory purchases, expansion, system upgrades, payroll, grocery store equipment financing, and more.

As a grocery store owner you need to properly manage your cash flow and inventory.   There may be opportunities, such as making a volume buy on merchandise you know you can sell quickly at a much higher profit margin.

Margins in the grocery store business are low as it is so you have to be fast with your decision or lose out. Small Business Funding provides grocery store business owners loans and other financing options – fast!

You can get an approval in just 24 hours and have funding within 3 days.

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Grocery Store In Operation Due To Business Loans

How Grocery Store Financing Can Help You Compete

One of the biggest challenges local grocery stores face is competition from big store brands like Wegman’s or Walmart.  In addition to these stores possibly being in close proximity to your location, they also offer online ordering and delivery.

By getting a grocery store loan from Small Business Funding, you can use that additional working capital to:

1 – Upgrade older equipment such as freezers, checkout counters, shelving to create a newer, fresh store experience

2 – Open up a second location or third location

3 – Drive more traffic to your store with additional marketing

Why Small Business Funding For Grocery Store Loan

Whatever the purpose of your grocery store financing we can provide this funding quickly even if you have been denied by your bank or credit union.

Small Business Funding grocery store business funding can range between $5,000 and $250,000.  Loan amounts are based on business performance, credit history, and time in business.

These loans come in several forms including working capital advance, unsecured business loans, asset based loans, and factor loans. Each has their pros and cons and Small Business Funding can determine which will be best for your situation.

The grocery store business loans process will be hassle free and seamless when working with Small Business Funding. Apply today!


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