Construction Loans For My Equipment

  “I need capital for equipment.” That’s the mantra of every contractor I’ve come across over the last month looking for construction loans. It seems new housing and re-hab construction is picking up. These companies need funding to help our

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Loans For Clothing Stores

Clothing stores are an extremely volatile industry. They must deal with seasonal changes every few months and plan ahead accordingly. Loans for clothing stores are available to help them with planning inventory and or to help alleviate an immediate problem.

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Tell me, are you a boss or a leader?

Maybe this sounds like a pretty dumb question. Maybe you’re thinking to yourself, “they’re the same thing,” but alas my business-owner friends, they are not. Leaders inspire, mentor, and do so much more. Here are some of the key differences.

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Creating a scalable business

Running a thriving, local business is great.   Having a business that scales? Even better. Scaling your business is different from growing your business. When one grows their business, their revenue increases at a steady rate with resources being added

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bad credit business loans

3 of Best Bad Credit Business Loans You Can Get Right Now

Do you have a great idea for a business? If so, you may be in need of funding. Growing a business from the ground up takes a lot of cash, no matter the size of your startup. Regular business loans

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women in business

Women are struggling to get loans and alternative lending is here to help

It is impossible to turn on the news and not see a woman’s rights issue dominating the screen, so it should come as no surprise that women are starting businesses these days more frequently than ever before. However, funding offered

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video marketing

Why you need to invest in video

I’m the queen of multitasking. As I write this, I have 12 tabs open and Pandora playing in the background. In this fast-paced world where we’re always thinking about 1200 different things, video marketing is dominating the content creation space.

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discussing a new startup project

Managing Your Finances as a Startup

When you’re in startup mode, there are so many things running through your mind. You need equipment, marketing, a website, employees, etc.  With more money being pumped into startups, it’s easy to see this never-ending cash flow as a way

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Online Banks And Internet Banking And Internet Networking Peop

Beyond the Banks

I remember being in college when the recession hit a decade ago and thinking that the issue would be solved by the time I graduated. It’s been ten years and people are still feeling the impact of the recession, making

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What to do with the tax cuts

With the tax cut comes, hopefully, more money into your business accounts. You have two choices with this new-found cash – you can invest it, or let it continue to sit in your account.  We’ve seen some companies vow to

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