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Is your company ready for GDPR?

This week it’s been less about Facebook and more about GDPR or the General Data Protection Regulation. The GDPR deals with privacy and data regulation in Europe. Now, if you’re reading this then more than likely you’re a business based

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Video call

Using Video to Increase Reach

By now, your business is probably on social media. Facebook is probably one of the first social media accounts you obtained for your business. I’m betting your newsfeed on Facebook is full of live videos and there’s a reason for

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FinTech and Your Business

Raise your hand if you’ve heard the term FinTech.  FinTech stands for Financial Technologies, pretty self-explanatory, right? It applies to all areas of the financial world, covering everything from peer-to-peer money transfer platforms like Zelle, loan marketplaces such as Lending

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How to Create a Mobile Strategy for Your Business

I’m willing to bet you checked your email today on a mobile device. You went on Facebook and Instagram on your phone. You did a quick Google search for something on a phone. According to BGR, in 2016, mobile internet

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Venmo Me

Let’s go back in time for a second here. Remember when you used to go to dinner with friends and one person would pick up the tab and then you gave them cash? Or maybe you went out for drinks

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Business Technology Tips

Your Small Business Tech Tips

Small Business Tech Tips Due to a limited number of capital resources, it is extremely important for small businesses to utilize any inexpensive and readily available technology to help keep them competitive. By choosing the right technology, small businesses can

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Low cost tech for small business

Low Cost Technology For Small Business

Technology For Small Business Often times, small businesses find it difficult to keep up the many technological advances as they become available. However, innovations in technology for small business are useful by providing helpful services without costing a fortune. Utilization of this

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Skill Shortage in Small Business

Small businesses are successful because of the passion an owner has for his or her business. The problem these small business owners face is there inability to find skilled individuals with that same passion. Small business owners constantly struggle to

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How to Manage Social Marketing for Small Business

Corporations big and small have clearly identified the value of social media and taken full advantage of its practical uses. Any company that hasn’t been under a rock for the last 10 years utilizes at least one social media channel

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The Advantages of Startups and Their Challenges

The Advantages of Startups Like Bandoozi And The Challenges They Have To Overcome This past weekend I had the privilege of speaking with Blake Silcott, a Towson University graduate and the CEO of Bandoozi, about his startup, the purpose of

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