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Small business loan for minorities helped African-American couple open coffee shop

Small Business Loans for Minorities 101

Minorities in the United States, defined as anyone who is Asian, Black, Hispanic, or Native American, own as many as 11.1 million small businesses.  And that number is growing fast, up 79 percent between 2007 and 2017. However, due to

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Small business owner applying for SBA loan online

How To Get An SBA Loan

It costs money to start and run a business, especially as a small business owner.  When and how to fund your business may be two of the most important questions you will ever consider.  But, if you are eligible, the

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Options For Fast Business Capital

Small businesses often are in need of capital. That is the lifeblood of any business. A business’ cash flow is paramount for its success. Fast business capital can save your business from falling behind the competition or from shutting your doors for

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Business woman holding money after improving her chances of getting a business loan

How to increase your chances of getting a business loan?

As a small business owner, you may have a well-run organization which generates a very healthy profit.  But to really take your company to that next level of success you need a business loan to invest in equipment, inventory, employees,

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business loan denied

Top 5 Challenges Small Businesses Face When Seeking Financing

How the right lending partner can help grow your business

How To Find The Perfect Lender For Your Business

How do you go about finding the perfect lender for your business? When your business needs additional funding to make payroll, purchase new equipment, expansion, ensure cash flow, or any number of reasons – how do you decide who to

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Traditional Bank vs Alternative Lender – What’s Your Best Option?

So you’re in need of a business loan – lucky for you there are a ton of options.  You can always go to your local bank or one of the other big banks in your area.  Or you can secure

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Best Solution For Your Business

Are Fast Working Capital Loans the Solution to Your Everyday Business Needs?

Are Fast Working Capital Loans the Solution to Your Everyday Business Needs? In a small business, profits are not realized immediately, making it difficult at times to keep up with the day to day expenses that small businesses incur. Fast

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Selecting an Alternative Business Lender

What to Look For with an Alternative Business Lender

6 Qualities to Look For in an Alternative Business Lender The options for small businesses looking for outside funding are growing at an exponential rate, making it increasingly easier for the small business owner to find the financing they need.

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Working Capital Sources For Your Business

6 Fast Working Capital Sources Worth Investigating for Your Business

Business owners know that a sudden need for working capital sources happens with more frequency than they anticipated, and often at the most inopportune time. Banks take too long to process loans and even then there is no guarantee of

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