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Various pieces of equipment that can be purchased with equipment financing with bad credit

Equipment Financing With Bad Credit

for youWhen a business needs a new piece of equipment you have numerous sources for financing.  That is if you have good credit.  Business owners with a low FICO score (three-digit number based on your credit reports that lenders use

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Landscaping business owner purchased new lawn mower thanks to a lawn care business loan

Fast Lawn Care Business Loans

The reason certain households have impeccable lawns that inspire the jealousy of their neighbors isn’t a green thumb. It’s because of landscape companies like yours that keep those properties looking pristine. Sometimes you’ll need one of our fast lawn care

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personal credit card for business expenses

The Dangers Of Using Your Personal Credit Card For Business Expenses

If you own a small business or startup, it’s easy to use your personal credit card for some, maybe even all, of your business expenses.  It’s convenient.  You already have a credit card and it’s always on you. You may

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Construction Loans For My Equipment

  “I need capital for equipment.” That’s the mantra of every contractor I’ve come across over the last month looking for construction loans. It seems new housing and re-hab construction is picking up. These companies need funding to help our

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How To Finance Your Small Business

All small businesses could use capital to help fuel their growth. Unfortunately, due to regulations banks are lending less. What can you do to finance your small business? There are several options available to finance your small business when you

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Beauty Salon Equipment Financing

Beauty salon equipment financing is a great alternative to buying. Small Business Funding can help you secure capital to purchase any type of salon equipment which can help your cash flow. Keeping your capital in house won’t affect your day

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