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What to do with the tax cuts

With the tax cut comes, hopefully, more money into your business accounts. You have two choices with this new-found cash – you can invest it, or let it continue to sit in your account.  We’ve seen some companies vow to

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Couple with second location of thriving business

Are you ready for a second location?

Maybe business is thriving, and you’ve been thinking “hmmm, maybe it’s time for a second location…”.  While expanding is awesome, let’s go through the things you need in place to expand. How is business? This seems like a no-brainer but

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Invest in the person and not the idea

I watch Shark Tank too often. It’s embarrassing if I told you how often I watch it. One thing that I notice on the show is that the Sharks will talk more about the person and less about the business.

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What can you use working capital for?

As a business owner, you know that sometimes in order to grow you need more funding than is available in the checking account. Reasons vary as to what a business may need the funding for, but we wanted to highlight

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Better Bookkeeping in 2018

In our line of work, a.k.a. fast business financing, we see a lot of financial statements. For 2018, we thought it was important to talk about some best practices when it comes to your bookkeeping. Tip 1: Keep it Organized

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holiday funding

It’s not too late to utilize holiday funding

I know what you’re thinking about this holiday funding. “Ashley, it’s December 5th  and it takes as little as 24 to 48 hours to have money in my account, so what am I going to do with funds on the

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New Hire Costs / SBA Loans

Market Research, New Hire Costs, SBA Loans, Oh My

What do an SBA Loan, market research, and new hire costs have to do with one another? Well, everything really.   Earlier this month we talked a lot about all these things, individually. Now, let’s discuss how they all work

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3 Ways to Reduce New Hire Costs

It’s no secret that new hires in your company can cost a pretty penny. The average cost of a new hire hovers in the $5k range, according to Glassdoor.  Now, if you have multiple positions to fill, this cost can

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Is Venture Capital Right for Your Small Business?

We’ve talked a lot the last few weeks about your business plan and scaling your business. If you remember back to business planning, we mentioned that there are different purposes for each type of business plan. One of those purposes

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How Much Working Capital Do I Need?

How do you decide how much working capital your business needs? It’s really easy every single week to say “the business is bringing in x and we’re obligated to spend y.” As a business owner, you just hope that “x”

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