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Qualify For Restaurant Financing

The restaurant industry is a $863 billion industry, with over 1 million locations in the United States.

According to a study by the Perry Group, most restaurants will close in the first year of operation.  Seventy percent of those that make it past the first year will close within 5 years.  But if you can make it past the 5 year mark – 90% will stay in business at least 10 years.

Ensure you have the restaurant financing needed to survive and thrive as a restaurant owner.  It’s essential to your success in the first year of business and even your tenth plus year.

You may need financing for your restaurant in order to purchase new equipment, open a new location, renovate the inside of your restaurant, additional supplies, marketing, or even making payroll.

This is where Small Business Funding can help.  We have multiple restaurant financing options for you.  This includes a working capital advance, a business line of credit, restaurant equipment financing, and more.

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Financing To Grow Your Business

We’ve asked our restaurant clients how they’ve used their restaurant loans to improve their operations.  Here are the three most common reasons given:

1- New Location – You’ve heard the old adage “location, location, location”, well if there was ever an industry where this was true, it’s the restaurant industry.  In fact, location is the number one reason closed restaurant owners give for why they went out of business.  We provide funding for restaurant owner to relocate or open second (or third) location.

2- Purchase New Technology – consumers want better customer service and convenience, and technology is being use to drive these initiatives.  More and more restaurants are incorporating mobile apps and pay-at-the-table touchscreens to improve the customer experience and generate additional revenue.

3- Renovations – restaurant owners are looking to create more of an experience by renovating their locations to include a space for outdoor eating, larger bar area, or just updating the current ambiance.


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Unlike a bank loan you will not be forced to submit page after page of documentation, financial statements, bank statements, tax returns, etc…

Our restaurant financing options will help you achieve the goals.

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