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Social Media highlighted with red marker in a handwritten chart

The number one reason your business needs to be on social media

Just a decade ago, if someone told you that social media would replace most traditional marketing tactics, you probably would have shrugged it off and called it a fad for millennials. Now, platforms like Pinterest are generating a third of

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Online small business reviews

How to Deal With Online Reviews About Your Small Business

These days, a small business owner’s worst fear is turning on the computer and seeing a bad review about his or her business. With numerous review sites such as Yelp and the influence of blogging, the everyday person can voice his or her

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Small Business Metrics

Small Business Metrics That You Need to Know

When small business owners start a business they realize there are more responsibilities than they  first thought. Small business owners usually obsess over analytics when it comes to the aspects of running a business. Analytics show how efficiently a business

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