What To Expect From Alternative Financing


Small Business Funding strives to be 100% transparent.

If you are a business in need of funding, contacting your bank is the best thing to do first. A traditional bank loan will always offer the very best rates and terms.

However, when a bank loan application is turned down Alternative Financing is a viable next option.

The following should be expected when entering the alternative financing space for a small business loan:


Most Working Capital Advances use a Factor Rate as opposed to an interest rate. While not always an accurate comparison, in most cases the Factor Rate will be higher than the relative APR you might receive from a more traditional bank-type loan.

For those businesses that qualify, Small Business Funding may present various SBA and Term Loan options carrying APRs ranging from 8.25% – 26%.


Between 2 and 18 months for a Working Capital Advance. 2 to 10 years for SBA and Term Loans.


Repayments are made either daily (business days only), weekly or monthly, depending on which funding option you are approved for and select.

Should you have any further questions, please feel free to visit our Frequently Asked Questions page or call us at 1-800-742-2995.

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