Personal Training Business Financing


Personal Training Business Financing

Personal training has become extremely popular. It is now a major part of the fitness industry, with $10 billion in annual revenue. The outlook for personal training businesses is very promising. Although this type of business is lucrative, it can have its challenges. You will need capital to cover numerous different expenses for a personal training business.

Luckily, there are banks, credit unions, and alternative lenders, such as Small Business Funding, that can get you the personal training business financing that you need to operate smoothly.

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Financing Options

Costs and expenses for personal training businesses can add up quickly and easily. Thanks to the options offered by banks, credit unions, and alternative lenders you don’t need to worry. All of them can help you afford these costs. Traditionally, banks have certain criteria for lending out money to borrowers. They will usually not lend less than $100,000, which is the minimum amount that will earn them a profit. They will not lend out money to businesses younger than three years, ones with bad credit scores, or ones that need money fast.

Personal training business financing from Small Business Funding can be a more attractive option for business owners. We can connect your personal training business with lenders that have other criteria for loans, like the type of business that the industry is in and its current performance. Don’t waste your time jumping through hoops with conventional banks just to get denied for a loan. Look to apply for personal training business financing through Small Business Funding.


Why Small Business Funding?

While banks can get the capital you need, Small Business Funding can do it faster and easier. We will work day and night to find the best type of financing for your business. It can be either an unsecured business loan, a merchant cash advance or even an asset based loan.


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