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Chiropractic Practice Financing


Chiropractors in huge numbers over the last several years have been turning to alternative lenders for chiropractic practice financing. They understand the positives about bypassing traditional banks for their capital needs. Small Business Funding has been helping chiropractors through the what was once a cumbersome process and made it seamless. Our professional staff of Funding Specialists can quickly ascertain your financing needs and connect you with a lender fast while getting you the very best terms.

Chiropractic Practice Financing With Small Business Funding

Chiropractic practice financing will provide you the cash necessary for new equipment, for expansion, for new hires, training of staff, or just working capital to help cash flow. Your bills are constant whether your practice is busy or slow. You have to maintain your overhead 12 months out of the year. Bills can pile up and you do not want to be in a position that makes for additional daily stress.

Small Business Funding does all the leg work on your behalf to secure the capital you need to maintain a sound office. The application process is easy and fast, a simple one page form. You then send us several months of bank statements and merchant statements if you process credit cards. You are not required to process credit cards like with some alternative financing. We can get you an unsecured business loan. Loans range from $5000 to $500,000…and more. While this type of financing costs more keep in mind that these alternative lenders will finance business that are relatively young (less than 3 years old), have both bad business credit or personal credit, will fund in less than 5 days, will finance amounts under $100,000 which banks typically will not do.

We Specialize In Chiropractic Practice Financing

When you’re considering financing options for your chiropractic office or in need of chiropractic practice financing think about Small Business Funding first. We will see to it that you receive answers fast and we will treat you professionally to make the process seamless. For your chiropractic practice financing needs apply today.