Chiropractic Practice Financing

Chiropractor Practice Financing

The Chiropractic industry is a $12.5 billion industry.  And according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of chiropractors is expected to grow 15% over the next decade

You know first hand the costs needed to run, maintain, and even grow your Chiropractic practice.  Chiropractor practice financing can help.

Over the past several years Chiropractors have been turning to alternative lenders, such as Small Business Funding, for chiropractic practice financing. They understand the positives about bypassing traditional banks for their capital needs –

  • higher approval percentage,
  • less paperwork,
  • easier process,
  • lower credit score requirements,
  • no collateral needed,
  • and faster funding.

Small Business Funding helps chiropractors get funding for their practice. Our professional staff of Funding Managers can quickly assess your financing needs and discuss options that best fit your practice needs

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Chiropractic Practice Financing

Financing To Grow Your Practice

With the number of Chiropractic practices expected to increase by 15% over the next decade competition is going to be high.  Differentiate your practice.  Use your financing to implement new programs, purchase new equipment, or open a new location.

Here are some advanced technologies successful Chiropractors are using to improve client outcomes and differentiate their practice.

1- Spinal Decompression Machines – these machines use computer technology to control the traction pull on the spine, helping you avoid muscle contraction responses.  The advances in this technology allow you make adjustment based on your patient’s needs.

2- Insight Subluxation Station – a computerized, non-invasive, painless test consisting of thermal and surface electromyology. This technology will allow you to achieve a better and more reliable representation of the present condition of your patient.

3- Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy – this technology is used to treat muscle strains and is very efficient on the disrupt tissues.

We Specialize In Chiropractic Practice Financing

When you’re considering financing options for your chiropractic office or in need of chiropractic practice financing think about Small Business Funding first. We will see to it that you receive answers fast and we will treat you professionally to make the process seamless.

Small Business Funding does all the leg work on your behalf to secure the capital you need to maintain a sound office.  The application process is easy and fast, a simple one page form.  Funding ranges from $5K to $500K.

For your chiropractic practice financing needs apply today by completing our funding request form or calling 800-742-2995.

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