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Construction Business Financing

Construction Loans and Other Financing Options


Contractors are constantly looking to expand and start new projects. Construction business financing for most contractors is very difficult to find. Banks are still weary of financing new development projects whether its a mall or a simple single family house.

Construction Business Financing

Painting contractors, electricians, HVAC professionals, general contractors, plumbing contractors sometimes look for alternative financing. Small Business Funding is the answer to help you purchase supplies and hire new people for contract jobs.


Get The Capital You Need

Construction business financing using alternative lenders is the fastest and most efficient way to get the capital you need to start a new project. To get approved through a bank you will have to make sure your credit score is high, you never had a bankruptcy, you do not have a tax lien, you show 10-15 healthy deposits per month, you are more than 5 years in business, you have very healthy P/L statements.

Unfortunately, this is not the case for most. A personal situation in the past like a divorce or partnership split up can cause your personal credit to take a nose dive. Small Business Funding’s seasoned Funding Managers work to find the best funding solution for your situation that will allow you to grow.


A Network Of Lenders

Small Business Funding can find the construction business financing you need fast. Approvals in as little as 24 hours and funding within a week. No bank or credit union could supply this type of fast financing. Our network of alternative lenders spans the entire country and our relationships with them are such that they know we are shopping your application to get the very best terms. They are more apt to give us their very best offer the first time.

You will need to complete our application, 6 months of recent bank statements, and 3 months of recent merchant statements and let us go to work.


Forms Of Construction Business Financing

The oldest and most common type of alternative financing comes in the form of a Term Loan. Small Business Funding can help facilitate this type of financing on your behalf. This is an advance on your current outstanding invoices allowing you to receive the cash quicker to put to use and bolster your cash flow. There is Asset Based Lending also. You can borrow on your equipment and or lease new equipment. The newest form of financing comes in the form of a working capital unsecured revenue based loan. We have funding experts in all facets of alternative financing that can help get you the cash you need fast.

Apply today to see how much you can receive for construction business financing today. Use it for land purchases, inventory, new hires, supplies, or just working capital. Small Business Funding is the smart choice for your financing needs. To see how much capital your company can receive, apply for a small business loan today and get your funding within 7 days. Our professional Funding Managers are waiting for you.



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