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People love breads, sweets, and pastries. Although many individuals are becoming more health conscious, these are still some of their favorite guilty pleasures. For this reason, bakeries will always be part of a thriving industry. Growth prospects for these types of businesses are also promising. With a lot of trends changing the baking industry, such as healthier alternatives, there are a lot of great opportunities. Yet, some bakeries may need more capital to adjust to these trends and see success from them. Luckily, Small Business Funding is here to help you determine a funding solution that would be best for your business.


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Bakery Business Loan

You can get a bakery business loan from a bank or credit union but it can be difficult. Both would request several years bank tax returns, a recent profit and loss statement, and several months of bank statements. Most require a minimum of 3 years in business and a FICO score of at least 750. In addition, it can take awhile to not only get approved for financing but also receive the capital.

Small Business Funding has a merchant cash advance program specifically for businesses such as bakeries. We understand the necessity for a fast cash infusion and finding someone who can facilitate the funding makes your life easier.

With Small Business Funding it is easier to get the financing that your bakery needs. Bad credit, bankruptcies, and tax liens are okay (as long as there is a payment plan in place). Documentation required to receive an approval is an application (one page), 3 months of bank statements and 3 months of credit card merchant statements (if you process credit cards). This information will allow an alternative lender to provide you with a decision within 24 hours.


ACH Revenue Based Loan

If you do not want to have payments held back through your credit card processor then you can have payments debited directly from your business bank account. This too can be a fixed percentage of your daily credit card sales or it can be a fixed daily payment Monday through Friday. So the necessity of accepting credit cards is NOT a requirement. An ACH Revenue Based Loan is an option.

Bakery business financing from Small Business Funding can help take your business to new heights. You can also buy any new equipment you may need or use it to make payroll. Small Business Funding can help you do what you need to in order for your bakery to be a great success and make all the delicious baked goods that people love. Apply for a small business loan today and find out how much your bakery is approved for. There is absolutely no obligation.