Garden Shop Financing


Garden Shop Financing

Most of time when someone thinks of a gardening shop, they think of a specific section within a large chain retailer. Yet, these can actually be forms of a very lucrative type of small business.

Gardening is something that many people do in order to make their home look more attractive. Other people enjoy it as a hobby. Lawn care and gardening are popular for a large number of reasons. For this reasons, gardening shops can be a very profitable small business.

Future trends this year make this industry even more promising. Although the outlook is bright, this industry has its challenges. All small business owners know the challenges that arise when trying to run a business. Marketing, payroll, rent, equipment, etc. are all expenses that can add up quickly and become a burden.

Employee helping customer at new store, thanks to getting approved for garden shop financing

Your Options

Banks, credit unions, and alternative lenders all provide lawn and garden shop financing. While there are a great deal of viable options, banks and credit unions may be more difficult to obtain financing from. They have a lot more requirements to meet and hoops to jump through. Most require a minimum of 3 years in business and a FICO score of at least 750. They would want no tax liens, no bankruptcies, a lease or mortgage statement, and a picture ID. In addition, it can take a lot longer to receive financing.

Why Small Business Funding?

Going to an alternative lender is usually the best road to take if turned down by a bank or credit union for online retail business financing. Small Business Funding can help get your online retail store the capital it needs. Bad credit, bankruptcies, and tax liens are okay (as long as there is a payment plan in place). Documentation required to receive an approval is an application (one page), 3 months of bank statements and 3 months of credit card merchant statements (if you process credit cards). This information will allow an alternative lender to provide you with a decision within 24 hours.

Whether it is a business cash advance, with only a small set percentage of your daily revenues being owed, or an unsecured small business loan, we have the solution. There is no collateral required and you don’t need perfect credit. In fact, many of our programs don’t require any credit at all.

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