Flower Shop Financing


Flower Shops Financing

The floral shop industry is expected to reach $16 million by 2023. Although this is a promising figure, flower shops still find it hard to compete. Just like any other small business, flower shops aim to grow and expand but need capital to do so.

Yet, financing for flower shops can be difficult to come by. As a result, it becomes harder to grow and maintain the business. Fortunately, Small Business Funding has flower shop financing options for your business.

Florist working in new shop thanks to flower shop financing


Why Small Business Funding?

Going to an alternative lender is usually the best road to take if turned down by a bank or credit union for flower shop financing. Small Business Funding can help get your flower shop the capital it needs. Bad credit, bankruptcies, and tax liens are okay (as long as there is a payment plan in place). Documentation required to receive an approval is an application (one page), 3 months of bank statements and 3 months of credit card merchant statements (if you process credit cards). This information will allow an alternative lender to provide you with a decision within 24 hours.

Whether it is a business cash advance, with only a small set percentage of your daily revenues being owed, or an unsecured small business loan, we have the solution. There is no collateral required and you don’t need perfect credit. In fact, many of our programs don’t require any credit at all.

To apply, call 800-742-2995 or complete the online business funding request form.