Commercial Fishing Business Loans

Qualify For Commercial Fishing Funding

Owners of fishing business with established revenue stream of at least 3 months may qualify for commercial fishing business funding through Small Business Funding.

Small Business Funding is committed to helping you find needed capital for your commercial fishing business.

Are you looking to expand, update, buy new, repair, renovate, or improve existing equipment and boats?

Do you plan to hire new people or do you need a working capital to make a better business for yourself?

Then now may be the time to apply for funding.

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Commercial Fishing Business Owner

Commercial Fishing Business Funding

Commercial fishing businesses are seasonal but potentially amazingly thriving. It feeds the demand for seafood leading to a tremendous economic impact on world GDP.

Unfortunately the risky nature of those businesses may create difficulties for obtaining commercial fishing business loans. And if you have bad credit that also will not help.

Partnering With Us Small Business Funding

Our clients come to Small Business Funding after their banks have turned them down.  Or if they require funding in less than 10 days. As banks cannot fund a deal that quickly.

If a commercial fishing business owner has poor credit, hasn’t been in business long enough (under 5 years) or needs $150,000 fast – most banks will turn them down. These are the primary reasons as to why commercial fishing business owners come to Small Business Funding for commercial fishing business loans.

We provide approvals with very little documentation in less than 24 hours and funding available at your bank account in 48 to 72 hours. And there are no restrictions for the funds usage.

At Small Business Funding we offer alternatives to your traditional banking while taking the nature of your business into account.

To see how much commercial fishing business funding you can receive please complete our no obligation funding request form or call us directly at 1-800-742-2995.


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