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Business owner showing importance of cash flow

Importance of Cash Flow To Your Business

We’re all in business to make money.  Some of you even have the gumption to step out on that ledge and start your own company.  Over 300 Million people will start their own business this year alone Sadly, the reality

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discussing a new startup project

Managing Your Finances as a Startup

Everybody manages their finances differently.  There really is not one-size fits all model.  When you’re in startup mode, there are so many things running through your mind. You need equipment, marketing, a website, employees, etc. With so much going on,

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Financial Risks When Starting A Business

Financial Risks When Starting a Business

As a business owner, the first thing you should be concerned with during every stage of your business journey is knowing and understanding your financial risk. The excitement of starting a business can make it easy to turn a blind

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Small Business Metrics

Small Business Metrics That You Need to Know

When small business owners start a business they realize there are more responsibilities than they  first thought. Small business owners usually obsess over analytics when it comes to the aspects of running a business. Analytics show how efficiently a business

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Top Reasons For Small Business Success and Failure Rates

We recognize that small businesses are the driving force to grow our economy and there are many factors that affect small business success and failure rates.In good times, as well as the challenging times, business owners need a fast cash

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