Nightclub Business Loan

Nightclub Business Loan

Do you own a night club and find yourself in need of a business loan? The nightclub industry is a rather tough industry to be in. Although it is a cash intensive business it does require a lot of overhead expense that would require a night club business loan.

Why You Would Need A Nightclub Business Loan

A nightclub business loan can be used for expansion, opening a new location, updating your current location, purchase of new equipment, or just for working capital. The nightclub business is an ever changing and challenging business. As an owner you know you have to stay current with the trends and fads. You are constantly altering your surroundings and changing drink menus and food menus to appease your clientele.

A nightclub business loan is sometimes the only answer to get things changed fast. Unless you have a current banking relationship and a line of credit you’re out of luck as far as fast financing. Alternative lenders, like Small Business Funding, are you only solution.

How Small Business Funding Can Help In Getting A Nightclub Business Loan

Small Business Funding will provide a simple one page application and get you a lending decision within 24 hours. That is extremely quick!. Once approved, you can be funded in as little as 5 days and if you already had a loan with Small Business Funding you could receive funding the same day.

While you may have bad credit, that is not a deal breaker. It may affect the loan term or amount but will not deter our underwriters from approving a loan due to a low FICO score. Alternative lenders will base their decision primarily on business performance and business type. They want to see decent cash flows and daily bank balances that are positive along with a lot of deposits.

This is a fast process. To see how Small Business Funding can help with your nightclub business loan, complete the business funding request form or call directly 1-800-742-2995.