Commercial Dry Cleaning Business Financing

In a world that is becoming increasingly globalized, more and more people are donning the suit and tie for work. Students graduate with dreams of big city life and Wall Street jobs. With these high-end lifestyles comes plenty of dry-clean only clothes, and there is certainly no predicted shortage of dirty laundry to be had. Despite the need for crisp collars and pressed pants, growing an established dry cleaning business can be costly and challenging, and finding commercial dry cleaning business financing can prove to be even more difficult. For those companies that are looking to expand their already successful business, the current state of the environment calls for a modernization of facilities and the implementation of “green” dry cleaning services. Whether you are looking for commercial dry cleaning business financing to expand, renovate, or “go green”, a small business loan from Small Business Funding is exactly what you need. Securing commercial dry cleaning business financing no longer requires taking your business to the cleaners.

Why Small Business Funding For Your Commercial Dry Cleaning Business Financing

Small Business Funding (SBF) serves as one of the county’s leading loan networks for small businesses searching for fast capital. SBF offers incredible loan alternatives that are perfect for small businesses like dry cleaners. SBF works directly with potential lenders, connecting small business owners with experienced and alternative business lenders, thus providing the best opportunity for securing loans on the basis of each business’s need. Small Business Funding works with small business owners to create individualized business programs, offering factor loans, ACH Unsecured Loans, asset based loans and Merchant Cash Advances.

Speed and Efficiency of Commercial Dry Cleaning Business Financing

In choosing to work with Small Business Funding while in search of commercial dry cleaning business financing, one can be sure that they will have access to a large network of potential lenders and funding specialists and know of their approval for a loan within 24 hours. We are a great alternative source of loans for business that have been turned down by their banks due to bad credit, have not been in business long enough to obtain a loan, are in need of a loan amounting to less that $100,000, as well as for businesses that are in need of funding within 5 days. The application process takes only minutes to complete, and the money you need to fund dry cleaner’s of your dreams will be in your pocket within days.

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Posted by sbf in Business Financing on June 30, 2013