Protecting Your Small Business from Inflation

by | Jul 6, 2022 | Financial Advice, Insights To Business

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Inflation can be catastrophic for your business if you aren’t prepared financially. When inflation causes prices to rise, your profit goes down. You are forced to rise your own prices and possibly, the wages of your employees which will also have an impact on your profits. In order to protect your business, you need to be proactive and start preparing for these events now, before you get to the point where you are hurting financially.

Adjusting Your Budget

The first step in preparing for inflation. Look for areas where your spending can be cut back. Adjusting your budget now will allow you st start putting a little money back to prepare for leaner times ahead. Review your budget once a year and continue to evaluate your spending habits. Cut back on your utility bills be being more energy efficient. Go green and reduce your carbon footprint by turning off lights and minimizing your water usage.

Protecting Your Bottom Line

Do what you have to do to protect your bottom line. Look at what is selling and what is not. Eliminate products and services that aren’t producing viable income. Look for new services and products that are trending. Sell equipment you no longer use and upgrade your existing equipment to improve energy efficiency. You may have to let a few employees go if paying their wages become a strain.

Find Ways to Cut Your Spending

Cutting your spending goes much deeper than just turning off lights and lowering your thermostat. Instead of buying supplies in small amounts, buy them in bulk. Buying in bulk can sometimes save 15 to 20% over retail price. Train employees to reduce the amount of waste they produce. Reuse items that can serve a second purpose and recycle everything you can. Offer incentives to your employees who come up with new ways to save money.

Streamline Your Business Practices

Work with your employees to streamline your business practices. Your employees know how to do their jobs. Ask them if there is any way to streamline their part of the process. Look at their suggestions and improve the efficiency of how your business operates. Your employees will feel as if they are a valuable part of the process and may even become more productive. Give them efficiency incentives and allow them to work together to come up with new strategies. You are all in this together.

Apply for Working Capital Before You Need It

The easiest way to protect your business from the effects of inflation is to be financially stable with a healthy cash flow. In order to protect your cash flow, you need to have money in an account that will be there when times get rough. Apply for working capital now, before you actually need it. Your business’s financial health will support the request for the loan and you can make payments as needed by setting a large portion of the money aside. When you do need the extra help, you already prepared. Inflation can lead to many problems that will impact your cash flow. Instead of sitting back and waiting for something to happen. Be proactive and protect your business now while you are in good condition. The peace of mind you have with extra money in the bank is priceless.