Top Reasons For Small Business Success and Failure Rates

We recognize that small businesses are the driving force to grow our economy and there are many factors that affect small business success and failure rates.In good times, as well as the challenging times, business owners need a fast cash flow solution to make payroll, purchase new equipment, expand inventory, pay taxes, etc.

How Small Business Funding Helps With Small Business Success and Failure Rates

Did You Know that Approximately 30 million entrepreneurs make up the base of small business owners in the United States and provide 7 out of every 10 jobs in the US. In fact, Over 99% of US businesses can be classified as small businesses. This small business infographic created by our company details the top reasons for small business success and failure rates. The average time to break even is 12 to 18 months. Most small business have a desire to grow and need guidance and assistance to achieve this from a lending partner like Small Business Funding. We are associated with the nation’s top alternative lenders and can get you access to fast capital regardless of time in business, credit score, or type of business. We specialize in high risk business loans.