Fast Commercial Trucking Loans

by | Jul 2, 2013 | Business Financing

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When it comes to fast commercial trucking loans there is no other option than Small Business Funding. We have successfully found financing for the trucking industry via their vast partnerships with the nations top alternative lenders. Knowing where to go to for the very best deal is key in getting fast capital.

Uses For Fast Commercial Trucking Loans

Fast commercial trucking loans with the right lender enables a business owner to properly finance his company for all the right reasons.

For expansion of a warehouse, adding on additional trucks, new hires, additional training classes, maintenance, cash flow and working capital. The cost of a a new outfitted truck approaches $200,000.

Imagine laying out that much cash at one time. Financing a purchase like this makes sense as the cost of credit will be outweighed by what that truck can make you over time.

Why You Should Use Small Business Funding For Your Fast Commercial Trucking Loans

Small Business Funding works with you and a lender to handle all the negotiations on your behalf from the application process until you receive your capital. The alternative lenders we work with look beyond credit scores, time in business, and focus on your performance as a business and your cash flow.

We look to get you your capital with as few hassles as possible and as fast as possible. You can receive an approval in just 24 hours and funding can be as soon as 5 days. There is not a single bank in the country that can approach the efficiency and speed of what an alternative lender, like Small Business funding can do. Their underwriting algorithms enable them to get a decision fast.

So if you’re a business owner of a trucking company and in need of fast commercial trucking loans it would make sense to go directly to Small Business Funding first. Fill out one application and let us do all the work. Our staff is efficient, responsible, and professional.

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