Are you mastering your sales technique?

by | Apr 5, 2018 | Insights To Business

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Every business relies on sales. If you have no sales of any kind, you have a hobby. Today, we want to discuss some sales techniques that will help you close the deal faster and with less objections. Consumers are smart. We live in the world of the information highway. Old sales tactics simply will not work anymore. You have to ditch sales as you were taught it and adapt to the public. I always say it’s vital to be marketed and sold to in the way you want to be marketed and sold to. If you would go with another company because company A treated you like another sale and it felt like they were reading from a sales script, then do not do the same to your client base.

Here are some unconventional sales techniques that may help drive those numbers this year.

  1. Honesty

Weird concept right? Sales people are right up there on the trust scale with lawyers and journalists. Consumers come to the conversation skeptical of whatever you’re about to say so keep it real and honest with them. The more honesty you present, the more likely they are to know, like and trust you thereby converting in a sale.

  1. Are they your ideal client?

Even if they are your ideal client, pointing out why they may not be a good fit is a great way to flip the sales conversation. If done correctly, your potential sale will start convincing you why they’re a good fit and you should work with them. Much easier sales conversation when the consumer is telling you why you should take their business.

  1. Get educated

One of the easiest things you can do before a sales conversation is to get educated. What is their business? Is there anything happening industry wise you should be aware of? What are some of the common problems?

When you take the time to understand your potential client and their problems, you are showing that you care. You understand them. People want to be heard and understood and by doing this extra step, you’re making your potential sale feel valued and their concerns are validated. Put new leads at ease with your education on their area of expertise.


In order to see those higher conversion rates, it’s crucial you treat your potential sales as you would want to be treated.