How To Get A Landscape And Design Business Loan

by | Oct 18, 2013 | Business Financing, Small Business Funding

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Remember the days when you were a teenager and your parents made you and your siblings responsible for the lawn? That doesn’t seem to be the case today with kids becoming more concerned about the latest technology such as Apple’s IPhone and less entwined with the outdoors. As well as adults always constantly on the go with their job, there is no one to take care of the outside appearance of your home, and this has caused an increased demand for lawn care and the need for landscapers to get a landscape and design business loan.

How To Get A Landscape And Design Business Loan

We all have that neighbor or have driven by a house where the lawn looks something pulled straight out of the jungle. With neighborhood associations becoming more assertive on the appearance of each house in the community it is only right that landscape and design firms intervene. If one can’t take care of the appearance of their own property who else should do it? Again that answer is in the form of landscape and design businesses. The problem is that being such a small business it is tough for owners to qualify for loans to keep it running and also due to the fact that they are mostly seasonal depending on what part of the country they are in. Applying for a landscape and design business loan through Small Business Funding is the path to choose. Because this business is typically seasonal and profits fluctuate the banks won’t even consider you with all the pressure they have on themselves in today’s world. A landscape and design business loan from an alternative lender will fix that problem and help you keep your business on its own two feet.

The Process of Getting An Alternative Loan

You should choose to apply for a landscape and design business loan through an alternative lender because the process is very fast, requires little documentation and requires no obligation. A single one page application, bank and merchant statements is all that is needed to receive a lending decision in only 24 hours, and your funding in 48 hours if approved. You can receive multiple quotes, there are no hidden fees or monthly bills and there are no personal guarantees or collateral required. Alternative lenders can provide unsecured revenue based loans based on your business performance and not your credit score. Keep in mind these alternative loans are more expensive than a traditional type bank loan and require a daily fixed payment from your bank account in order to pay them back. The terms are also much shorter ranging from 3-12 months. If a landscape and design company is looking for capital though, they should always try through a bank first. Yes, it will take 30-90 days to receive financing but the rate and term will be much more favorable.