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Why You Should Get A Contractor Loan

Updated February 22, 2022 – On the fence about growing your general contractor business in this economy? Well, you better hop over to where the grass really is greener! According to market forecasts(via IBISWorld), you can expect a steady rise (over 12% annually!) in the value of the construction industry. The economy may be looking down now, but house prices are up around 10% from where they were just last year. It is easy to see that now is the time to expand your business to take advantage of the industry growth. But where can you get a general contractor business loan?

We’ve all been hit during the tough times of the recession with the housing market hit the hardest. Which traditional bank is going lend you a loan after the bubble popped just 5 years ago? Despite the
numbers, the housing market is still a risky bet for banks. That’s where applying for a general contractor business loan through Small Business Funding can help. Unlike traditional banks, you mean more to
us than simple credit scores and potential profits. And with our 90% approval rate, your chances of getting a general contractor business loan is much higher with us.

There’s nothing to lose by trying Small Business Funding either. You can apply for a small business loan for free. You’ll be approved in 24 hours. Funding is yours in just 48 hours. No catch, no gimmicks, nothing to lose.

Apply Today for a Contractor Loan: Quick & Easy

With that said, you can’t afford to wait on a loan and miss out on this opportunity. You need a general contractor business loan from Small Business Funding. So prove those banks wrong. Show them that
you’re more than just a number, you’re a real person with real potential. Be the next contractor they call up when they need a new bank built. They’ll be more shocked than Republicans when DOMA was
shot down!”

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