Easy Medical Office Financing

by | Jun 20, 2013 | Uncategorized

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The overhead for medical offices is constantly on the rise. There are always new innovations in medicine that requires offices to seek easy medical office financing in order to purchase new equipment and pay for training. An office staff costs a lot of money. Their salaries do not decrease when your office is slow…the bills just keep coming.

Insurance payments to Dr’s steadily decrease and this ultimately cuts into the bottom line. Easy medical office financing will ease the stress and give you some breathing room. Now if you are in need of capital quickly, like less than 2 weeks, your only option (assuming you do not have a line of credit set up with your bank already) is to use an alternative lender. Other reasons why you would go to an alternative lender as opposed to a traditional bank is if you have bad credit. Alternative lenders do not put nearly as much emphasis on a FICO score. They look primarily at your monthly revenues, daily ending balances, number of NSF’s, and general business performance.

Easy medical office financing using alternative lenders alleviates not just stress but helps the overall efficiency of an office. Without the necessity to worry about how or where you will find capital to buy equipment, make payroll, pay for staff training, or even expansion. The speed and easy process (compared to bank processing) is what makes this so appealing. The cost of these loans are much higher though and that has to be taken into consideration. But, if you are in need of the money, denied by a bank or don’t want to wait for it, it is your only option to date. So you have to weigh what the loan will cost against what your ROI will be using the loan. If the ROI is more than the cost then it makes sense or if it is a quick fix of a short term problem it makes sense.

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