Delivery Route Financing

by | Aug 6, 2019 | Small Business Funding

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Small Business Funding has seen a huge influx of delivery route drivers, like FedEx drivers, come to us for delivery route financing.

Whether it is for buying another route or buying an additional truck, we can help find capital fast regardless of your time in business or your credit.

How Small Business Funding Helps With Delivery Route Financing

As your established delivery route business grows and is successful you’ll start feeling the desire to expand and increase your revenue.

Often times fellow drivers sell their routes and/or trucks. The window of opportunity is rather small.  And when the time comes it’s the route owner who has capital available to him/her that takes advantage.

If your credit is bad or you’ve only been a route driver for less than two or three years the chances of you getting a bank loan are slim to none.

Delivery route financing from Small Business Funding can get you the capital you need quickly.

Alternative lenders who partner with Small Business Funding can underwrite a loan structure that benefits both the business owner and the lender. While the rates are higher for these alternative loans the cost is outweighed by the Return On Investment (ROI).

We can secure you financing in less than 3 days. Documentation is limited. Terms are short, usually less than a year.

How To Use Delivery Route Financing

It is very important how you use delivery route financing. These loans are considered high risk. Banks will not approve these type of loans at all.

Alternative lenders are there to help with fast capital.  But only if they will be used correctly. They are not for vacations…. The cost is higher than a bank loan.  In order for a loan of this type to make sense it should either solve an immanent problem or be used to increase your revenue that will far surpass the cost of credit.

So, if you need fast financing click below or call direct at 1-800-742-2995.


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