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Using Video to Increase Reach

By now, your business is probably on social media. Facebook is probably one of the first social media accounts you obtained for your business. I’m betting your newsfeed on Facebook is full of live videos and there’s a reason for it.

When we use social media, we have to play by the algorithmic rules specific to each platform. Whenever a new feature is launched on a social media platform, the creators want you to use it. The more you use it, the more your content is featured.

Take Instagram stories for instance. I get more reach and engagement on my Instagram story, and now my Instagram story highlights, than I do on my regular posts.

Video marketing is no different. There’s a reason YouTube is the number two search engine(yes, YouTube is a search engine as is Pinterest). People love video. People love listening and watching to learn.

If you needed to change your battery in your car, would you prefer long-winded instructions or a video explaining and showing you how to change the battery for your particular car? I’m betting you want the video. Less room for error and you’re more engaged.

Zuckerberg is no dummy and he knows that people love video which is why he introduced the live video feature on both Instagram and Facebook. The more you live stream, the more the algorithm will push your content out.

With Facebook pages reaching historically low organic reach and Instagram’s algorithm changing to give you a lower reach, using the tools these social media platforms want you to use is paramount to your success on said platforms.

Here are some simple tips to drive traffic to your live streams:

  1. Post about the live stream ahead of time

Apps like E-Camm Live offer Mac users a chance to schedule their live stream and their audience can click for a reminder. You can also do a simple post letting people know when you’ll be live so they can expect it.


  1. Keep it content-based

You should be providing value during these live streams. If you’re hopping on just to make a sale, people will click the unfollow button faster than you can blink. People do not check their Facebook for a sale, they check it to be entertained. Give the audience something useful and entertaining. You’ll keep them coming back.

  1. Stay on brand

If your brand is wholesome, don’t get on live and start using profanity (trust me, I’ve seen it). Maybe incorporate your brand colors in the video. If you have blue in your branding, wear a blue shirt. Keep the voice on the live stream consistent with the written content and the experiences your clients expect to have.


When you live stream, you’re giving your audience an opportunity to see the person behind the business. Give them insider info, sneak peaks, exclusive content and more! Live video is a great way to have a two-way conversation with your audience.

Posted by sbf in Marketing & Sales on March 22, 2018