Small Business Funding's Intent Index ™ Scoring Technology

Intent Index

Small Business Funding (SBF) provides fast working capital to small business owners through our use of data technology. Our proprietary underwriting scoring model is powered by our Intent Index™. The Intent Index assigns a score to each and every file that has met our minimum requirements for funding. Minimum requirements include that an applicant small business must have an operating history of at least four months, generating at least $8000 per month in gross revenues, and having a personal FICO of at least 400.

Through today’s technology and the ability to store and crunch millions of pieces of data in seconds we can mitigate risk by knowing what non-credit based data points are predictive. The predictive attributes coupled with the business banking data that the applicant provides helps measure the business’ ability to pay and the business owner’s intention to pay. All too often a personal matter can adversely affect credit. Why should a low FICO score hamper a business owner’s ability to secure capital? We believe that business performance, cash flows, experience, and the business owner’s intent to pay should be the primary drivers.

Leveraging Technology and Data to Drive The Intent Index

Traditional banks do not leverage enough technology or fully understand how to use non-credit based data to predict risk. Small Business Funding has years of experience working with alternative data and can quickly and efficiently provide funding decisions to small businesses within minutes. SBF can provide a business cash advance within hours while traditional financing takes weeks and months. SBF or our network of funding partners* purchase a small business owner’s future receivables at a discount. We advance them capital today for tomorrow’s revenues so they can expand, hire, buy inventory, and grow their business. This working capital advance is not a loan.

Due to its inherent risk, working capital advances are shorter term, have a higher cost of capital, and provide relatively lower dollar amounts ($3000 -$500,000) to business owners. Payments are made daily on business days, rather than monthly. Rather than fixed, payments are adjustable based on the business’s cash flow. A percentage of daily deposits is deducted from the business account so as to not adversely affect cash flows. If sales are down, the daily payment is reduced and vice versa.

Our Intent Index ™ is constantly adjusted to mitigate risk and provide sound results.