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Loans For Clothing Stores

Clothing stores are an extremely volatile industry. They must deal with seasonal changes every few months and plan ahead accordingly. Loans for clothing stores are available to help them with planning inventory and or to help alleviate an immediate problem.

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Online Banks And Internet Banking And Internet Networking Peop

Beyond the Banks

I remember being in college when the recession hit a decade ago and thinking that the issue would be solved by the time I graduated. It’s been ten years and people are still feeling the impact of the recession, making

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Couple with second location of thriving business

Are you ready for a second location?

Maybe business is thriving, and you’ve been thinking “hmmm, maybe it’s time for a second location…”.  While expanding is awesome, let’s go through the things you need in place to expand. How is business? This seems like a no-brainer but

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Close up view of bookkeeper or financial inspector hands making report calculating or checking balance. Home finances investment economy saving money or insurance concept

Funding Options for Women-Owned Businesses

If you remember all the back to two weeks ago, we talked a lot about encouraging women to start businesses and presented some super cool stats from the SBA. What I found in my research for that piece was that

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How Much Working Capital Do I Need?

How do you decide how much working capital your business needs? It’s really easy every single week to say “the business is bringing in x and we’re obligated to spend y.” As a business owner, you just hope that “x”

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Quick Business Loans - Fact or Fiction

Quick Business Loans – Fact or Fiction?

What do you think? Are quick business loans really possible? Or are all who present themselves as a viable funding option online, simply scam artists? Most people, including myself, didn’t know the answer either. Trying to gain a ‘leg up’ when it

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What is considered a small business

What the Government Considers a Small Business

What the Government Considers a Small Business 20 years ago a small business was envisioned as being the little deli inside of the local strip mall. This was your family owned business that was offering a specialty service right next

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Small Business Lending Risks

High Risk Small Business Lending

Within the last 10 years the market for high risk small business loans has increased dramatically. One of the main reasons is because banks are not lending to small businesses. This is due to regulatory constraints and “old school” underwriting.

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Fewer Capital Sources for Small Businesses

Army Veteran Bob Hulchanski opened his small company, Lakeside Innovative Technologies in early 2006. Lakeside Innovative Technologies is auto-machine shop located in Chittenango, new york. Realzing a small business in auto-machine requires a lot of overhead such as space, equipment,

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Top Reason Small Businesses Fail – Under Capitalized

Having an original idea about a product or service is often step one to starting a business. Childhood aspirations to open a restaurant because you love to cook or become a builder because you love working with your hands are

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