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Creating a scalable business

Running a thriving, local business is great.   Having a business that scales? Even better. Scaling your business is different from growing your business. When one grows their business, their revenue increases at a steady rate with resources being added

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video marketing

Why you need to invest in video

I’m the queen of multitasking. As I write this, I have 12 tabs open and Pandora playing in the background. In this fast-paced world where we’re always thinking about 1200 different things, video marketing is dominating the content creation space.

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Don't give away equity in your business

Going Big Without Giving Away Equity

If you’ve watched Shark Tank or read any of our articles on Angel Investors, you know that those opportunities come with a cost: equity. I personally am not a fan of giving away equity. A lot of industries will have

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Are you leaving Facebook because of the recent issues with congress?

Facebook and Your Business

If you’ve turned on the news at all this week you’ll see one of my favorite people, Mark Zuckerberg, Creator of Facebook, testifying in front of Congress. If you missed the reason he’s testifying,  I’ll summarize it for you: Facebook

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Video call

Using Video to Increase Reach

By now, your business is probably on social media. Facebook is probably one of the first social media accounts you obtained for your business. I’m betting your newsfeed on Facebook is full of live videos and there’s a reason for

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Couple with second location of thriving business

Common Mistakes Business Owners Make

Whether you’ve been in business for decades or you’re just starting up, there are some common mistakes some business owners make. No one is immune. Let’s talk about some of the common issues and how to avoid them! Failure to

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6 Ways to Leverage Halloween To Drive Sales

Halloween, in my opinion, kicks off the holiday season. You have Halloween and then three weeks later it’s Thanksgiving coupled with Black Friday, followed Small Business Saturday. Then we all know Christmas comes up quickly after that. When you think

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Case Study: Urban Street Window Works

Executive Summary Urban Street Window Works came to Small Business Funding in need of working capital to refresh their branding and develop a marketing strategy. Challenges Urban Street Window Works has been growing at an average of 50% per year

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Are you using LinkedIn for Lead Generation?

Much like Facebook, LinkedIn has added a Lead Generation Form as an option for their advertising. LinkedIn is the social network for professionals. You won’t find pictures of someone’s dinner or their latest rant, instead you’ll get professional opinions, advice

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Shadowbans, Engagement, Instagram, Oh My

It’s no secret that social media and search engines consistently change their algorithms.  Things change in the hopes of making the platform easier and more enjoyable to users. While we may not always agree with the algorithm changes, we are

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