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Beyond the Banks

I remember being in college when the recession hit a decade ago and thinking that the issue would be solved by the time I graduated. It’s been ten years and people are still feeling the impact of the recession, making

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Couple with second location of thriving business

Are you ready for a second location?

Maybe business is thriving, and you’ve been thinking “hmmm, maybe it’s time for a second location…”.  While expanding is awesome, let’s go through the things you need in place to expand. How is business? This seems like a no-brainer but

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The Increase in Female-led Startups through Female Angel Investing

Amy Norman and Stella Ma started pitching investors in 2009 on their geography-oriented startup company called Little Passports. The majority of the investors they met with were men whom were skeptical whether the business would be profit-focused or just a

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Business Capital For Smoke Shop Electronic Cigarettes

Smoke shop electronic cigarettes companies, who are usually on opposite sides of the “fence” find common ground when searching for business capital for growth. Smoke shops, and let’s lump cigar stores in particular into this category, are still a growing

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Expand Your Business. Ideas and Suggestions

We bet you did a lot of research before starting and now you want to expand your business. Let’s recap on what you did before you even started: you had friends to advise you, books to guide you, magazines to

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Business Loans

Small Business Funding has the experience, the network of lenders, and the insight to find business loans for just about any business. Over 92% of the business owners that apply for business loans with Small Business Funding get approved. Most

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Fast Fitness Center Business Loans

Lebron James, Calvin Johnson, Miguel Cabrera, and Tiger Woods, to name a few, all have something in common. These men all get paid millions of dollars to do something physical every single day, in a state of the arts training

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Business Expansion Loans When You Need Them

Business owners are always looking to grow. At one time the aggressive owner wants more and needs to increase his revenue and expand. Business expansion loans are the fuel that allows the dream of growth to come true. There are

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