Business to Business Investment Opportunities

Analytics and Underwriting

SBF has over 15 years experience underwriting and analyzing high risk loans. We have a full comprehension of the processes required for an underwriting algorithm, data storage, security, CRM and loan management system. We know how to access non-credit based consumer data and traditional business data in order to provide decisions in seconds. We strive to become the fastest, most secure, one stop platform for high risk small business advances.

Business to Business Lead Generation

SBF has over 30 years combined experience in online lead generation including SEO, SEM, PPC, and Social Media. Our online marketing knowledge has enabled us to build an internet presence that allows us the luxury of not having to rely on third party sources in order to get leads for B2B lending.

Data and Technology for Business to Business Lending

We emphasize the importance of data and technology to help drive fast and efficient lending decisions as well as providing insight to our client base and how to market to them. Revenues are directly infused into building a strong analytic team for underwriting, marketing, and platform development. This ultimately helps us to enhance the overall customer experience from the application all the way through funding. Having a platform that is fast, efficient, secure, and easy to navigate is the stepping stone for growth.

Business to Business Investment Opportunities

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