Tell me, are you a boss or a leader?

Maybe this sounds like a pretty dumb question. Maybe you’re thinking to yourself, “they’re the same thing,” but alas my business-owner friends, they are not. Leaders inspire, mentor, and do so much more. Here are some of the key differences.


Lead by example

 Let’s start with one of the most important differences – Leaders lead by example. If you’re coming to work late, on your phone all day, and then leaving early, you can expect your employees to follow your lead. Show your team you aren’t afraid of hard work. A boss will sit on the sidelines and watch their employees do the heavy lifting while a leader is in the trenches.


Always be learning

A leader will consistently be learning and encouraging their employees to learn. A boss tends to think they know everything and there is nothing left to learn.




A difference between bosses and leaders is the way they communicate with their team. Which person would you rather work for in the following scenarios.

Person A) Consistently is critical of your work, points out your weaknesses and blames others in the company for shortcomings.

Person B) Always offers encouraging remarks, notices your natural gifts and takes responsibility.

I’m betting you said person B. Are you being Person B in your company? Do your employees feel encouraged? Do they feel mentored? If not, now is your time to change that.



I think this is the most important distinction. A boss by definition is, according to Google, a “person in charge of a worker or organization” and when used as a verb means to “give someone orders in a domineering manner.”  That domineering manner is what separates bosses from leaders. Leaders will inspire their employees and get the job done without making their employees feel less than human.


We encourage you this week to examine your business owner style. Are you  a boss, or are you a leader?

Posted by sbf in Insights To Business on May 6